Wasootch Peak, Kananaskis Country Alberta

Conquering the summit of Wasootch Peaks

Angelito de Jesus

1 min read

April 29, 2023, marked a day of dual challenges and triumphs, as I arrived at the parking lot along Highway 40, across Kananaskis Village Road . The clock read 7:30 am, signaling the commencement of a day that would demand both physical resilience and mental fortitude.

The ascent began with a gradual incline through the enchanting forest, a serene prelude to the challenges that awaited. As the trail unfolded, the terrain became progressively steeper, testing both balance and endurance. Muddy patches and snow-covered sections presented themselves intermittently, creating a dynamic landscape that demanded adaptability.

The true test lay in the uphill assault to the summit, navigating scree slopes and rocky falls. The ascent was a challenging endeavor, the incline demanding every ounce of strength. The culmination came at approximately 11:30 am, as I stood triumphantly at the summit, 2500 masl. A well-deserved 30-minute rest offered an opportunity to absorb the panoramic beauty that surrounded me, a reward for the uphill battle.

The descent, however, proved to be a different kind of challenge. Traversing scree and icy terrains demanded careful footwork. Though crampons were at my disposal, the staggered ice patches and varied terrain made the decision to forgo their use a strategic one. The descent became a dance with gravity, a careful navigation down the mountain slopes to preserve both safety and my recovering ACL.

The weight on my backpack, laden with climbing gear that proved unnecessary for the ascent, became taxing. The realization that some equipment, brought along "just in case," added an unexpected burden to the journey. Nonetheless, the descent persisted, each step a conscious effort to maintain balance and composure.

Heading to Wasootch Trailhead, we set our sights on a different kind of ascent—this time, a vertical climb on rock walls. Adrian's expert setup paved the way for a thrilling climbing experience. With the adrenaline still coursing through my veins, I eagerly tackled a 5.6 wall, followed by the more formidable 5.11 wall twice.

On the way to the first peak

As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow on the rocky faces, I called it a day, reveling in the sense of accomplishment and the shared camaraderie of fellow climbers. The day, filled with ups and downs—both literal and metaphorical—left behind memories of resilience, breathtaking vistas, and unstoppable spirit of conquering challenges on the mountains and cliffs of Kananaskis country.