Trekking Mount Tent Ridge, Kananaskis Country

Tent Ridge Summit located at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta is one of my top ten best summits I've ever done; with the color of Autumn, it surely adds drama to the entire scene. The start of the trek seems easy enough but as soon as you passed the treeline, it opens up to a majestic mountain peaks.

I reached the weather station and took a short break from the gusty -windy-rainy condition. I continued the trek to the ridge, a word of warning that the views are distracting, I had to stop many times to look and marvel all around and took many photos. A walk along the ridge wasn't as intimidating as it looked but you must keep a very close attention to the path as there are rocks and boulders that could be tripped on and lose your balance.

The descent was great except the part where I got off-tracked as there was no sign at the junction. I turned right instead of left and continued downhill for about a kilometer through dense forest path and overgrown bush, while I was following the direction on my GPS watch map. I realized then of my safety should something goes wrong and nobody will ever find me there. I decided to turned around and went uphill and managed to find the beaten path I've been to get back on track. it took me 7.5 hours to complete the loop on a 13.42 Km with 1,983 total ascent.